Leading 5 Arsenal Football Players – My View of the most amazing Ones

We all have views on which players have stuck out for us for many years in our favorite groups, here is who I think has made the biggest impact on the Toolbox Football group over the years and why I think they should have to be in the leading 5 of any player lists.

arsenal player

Tony Adams – Being among the most amazing defenders in my opinion his dedication to Collection was second to none. Being a strong leader with 669 looks for the club Tony Adams managed to rack up 48 Objectives for Collection while playing as a defender. His career extended from 1983 – 2002, during that time he had success in the European Cup Winners Cup, League Cup, League Champion and F.A Cup.

David O’Leary – Up There With Adams, David O’Leary showed himself worth of a leading 10 position with a great career extending 18 years (1975 – 1993) playing as a defender he acquired a goal scoring tally of 14 objectives and made 722 appearances for Toolbox FC. While playing for Toolbox David enjoyed success in the League Championship, F.A Cup and league cup on various occasions.

Ian Wright – Among the best forwards of all time, Ian Wright is a house hold name, terrific footballer for both club and country and one heck of a goal scorer. With his career at Arsenal covering just 7 years (1991 – 1998) he handled to notch up 288 looks and score a whopping 185 objectives! As it was when said, some individuals are terrific footballers, some rating fantastic objectives, Ian Wright was both and his club and nation profession throughout the years reveals why his football ability will live in the heart of fans forever.

David Seafarer – Other than an oversight for England David Seaman was appreciated by fans as one of the most amazing goalkeepers around, notching up an unbelievable 564 looks for Arsenal and keeping a whooping 23 clean sheets it is no wonder that he was enjoyed by Collection and England fans alike.

Sol Campbell – Another in the long list of Arsenal quality defenders, with Sol’s profession covering simply 7 years from a defensive role he still managed to find the back of the net 11 times from 197 looks, Campbell sticks out from the crowd and takes his location in 5th position in my favorite Collection Football players more due to his mass, reputation on the field and being a great “work horse” in the Toolbox defense.

Given there are loads of Collection Football gamers both old and brand-new, it is sometimes hard to choose who you think should be in the top. In 2008 Arsenal performed a survey to who devoted Collection fans thought was the “greatest Arsenal Football Gamer” and Thierry Henry came out on top, while he has the abilities of a top gamer and deserves his place among the greats I feel that the players mentioned above revealed commitment, commitment and of course class on the football pitch.

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